Project Description

I took over management of the National Empowerment Center (NEC) website and store in 2004 – they were my first client! The first order of business was to bring the website up to the standards of the time, mostly to make it more accessible. This was done by using cascading style sheets (CSS) which at the time was cutting edge. The online store was on the Yahoo! platform and was pretty crude. I transformed that in 2005 using Miva Merchant (now called Miva).

In 2007, NEC formed the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (NCMHR), and in 2010 Emotional-CPR both of which needed websites. Over time, the NEC website grew to well over 300 pages, and they had over 70 products in the online store. But with the advent of cell phones and tablets, the website started to look dated, but most importantly it was not a responsive website.

I started working on a new WordPress based website in 2017, and finished it in 2018. We picked the Avada theme, and used WooCommerce for the online store. Much work was done on the user interface, and a new logo was implemented, the result of a contest I managed which brought in submissions from artists around the world.

It was a huge amount of work for one guy and doing it all myself would have taken a month of Sundays. In an effort to move things along, and save the client money, I subcontracted the more menial aspects of the work (importing content) with a team based in Ukraine.

As of 1/28/19 the Alexa global ranking for is 1,505,229 (this is out of literally billions of websites), while in the US, it’s 311,666.