Project Description

A Lawyer’s Guide to Writing
Marie Buckley’s Blog

Marie and I had been working together since around 2003 on grass roots community issues which was always a pleasure. Starting in 2008, I created her first website in support of her business – Legal Advocacy Workshops. She offered training programs to over a thousand lawyers showing them how to sharpen their advocacy and writing skills.

In 2010 the American Bar Association agreed to publish The Lawyer’s Essential Guide to Writing, authored by Marie P. Buckley, and Ilissa K. Povich. The book was released in 2011. The publisher described it as:

The Lawyer’s Essential Guide to Writing is a readable, concrete guide to contemporary legal writing. Based on Marie Buckley’s years of experience coaching lawyers, this book provides a systematic approach to all forms of written communication, from memoranda and briefs to e-mail and blogs. The book sets forth three principles for powerful writing and shows how to apply those principles to develop a clean and confident style.

We started working on Marie Buckley’s Blog in 2011. It contained hundreds of incredibly useful posts, many of which I’ve incorporated in my personal writing style.

Marie decided to close down the website in January ’24 which was a sad day for me. But her book is still available online at Amazon –