Project Description

The National Empowerment Center is a Technical Assistance Center, a federally-funded consumer/survivor-run national technical assistance and resource center fostering recovery, self-determination, and community inclusion. They serve mental health consumer/survivors, peer-run service and advocacy organizations, family members, providers, and decision-makers.

As a TAC, one of their tasks is to host the Alternatives Conference every two or three years. In 2005, I was tasked with creating a website for the conference, but money was short, so I created a theme which served well to highlight their graphics, but more importantly, could be recycled the next time they hosted a conference. This was the first of four Alternatives Conference websites I created for the National Empowerment Center. Each conference had a different theme, and graphics, so it was simply a matter of changing the style sheet (CSS) and graphics. This saved my client a great deal of money. Below you will find screenshots of the Alternatives Conferences in 2008, 2010, and 2013.

2008 Alternatives Conference

Alternatives 2008 Conference

2010 Alternatives Conference

Alternatives 2010 Conference

2013 Alternatives Conference

Alternatives 2013 Conference