As mentioned above, you are responsible for content. But there are many more tasks and decisions to be made before we launch the website. Some websites are quite simple, while others have many pages, supporting documents, forms, and functionality. At a minimum, you would need to be available to guide us in the right direction. With WordPress based websites, there are lots of little tasks to attend to, like setting up a cloud account (DropBox) to store backups, setting up an account at so we can use Akismet, and Jetpack. Then there are various plugins that you might need. As an example, the Friends of the Swampscott Public Library website utilizes a donation plugin, and an event plugin. We’d need you to help select graphic elements, like photos, logo, etc. If you’re selling things online, there will be product shots, descriptions, pricing, and lots of little details to enter into the database. We are happy to do any and all of these tasks on your behalf, or any mix in between.