Business Policy


For Hosting: All sales are final for any pre-paid hosting. You may cancel hosting not yet paid for.

Web Design: Deposits are non-refundable but a refund for any work not yet preformed is available if notified by a phone call or in writing within one week of the scheduled start of the work.


The client will pay for any work done by Tom Rogers Web Design up to the point at which the work or service has been cancelled. Any refunded amount is only payable by check. No refunds will be made by credit card.

General Terms for Web Design:

All website design requires customer approval before the final payment is made on the account. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure there are no typographical or grammatical errors. Upon approval the client accepts the graphic art design, layout, and content of the product as is. Final payment for work constitutes final approval by client.

In the event, the client discovers an error within 30 days of site design, it is understood that:

  • Errors or Performance issues caused by the programming of the site will be re-programmed / optimized / addressed at Tom Rogers Web Design’s expense.
  • Errors, including typographical or grammatical, not corrected during client approval will be corrected at the customer’s expense.
  • Disatisfaction with the general look, layout, color, art, or content are not covered under warranty of service and are non-refundable.
  • Any changes to the originally approved design are billable hours at the client’s expense.
  • Refunds for design already completed are not authorized.
  • Registrar delays are not in the control of Tom Rogers Web Design and are not deemed suitable for refunds.

Please get in touch with questions / comments

Tom Rogers can be reached via the contact form located at, or by calling 857-366-6955. Leave a message anytime and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.